Gordon’s Drink Club, London

Love culture, history and all sorts of circumstances antique? Covertly prefer drink to three? Gordon’s Wine club – which only is literally the oldest in London – may be the oasis inside the proverbial wasteland you have been interested in.

Fortunately, whilst you enjoy a glass… or two… or three of one’s favorite wines, you’re going to be transported back in time to an extremely a lot more Dickensian era. With walls detailed with newsprint cuttings and other these types of souvenirs, you really have an excellent reason to call-it an ‘educational outing’ instead of just a reason to obtain some tipsy!

eHarmony pair Michael and Emma told us all concerning this top day spot : « a popular place is Gordons’ drink bar because whoever has not already been needs to visit at least once, and anyone who has likes it – unless they merely drink whisky. »

Whilst this may never be the very first place you would imagine of for those who just don’t like wine (idea’s within the name!), you should not create it off just yet. As if the tasty variety of wines were not adequate, Gordon’s also carry a full eating plan and, when you look at the spirit of class, you can cleanse it all straight down with several mozzarella cheese.

Due to the fact Gordon’s Wine pub is the perfect mixture of elegance and experience, you’re probably certain it would be the perfect place for a night out together, that will be great, because we think so as well! To find out more, check out Gordon’s internet site or telephone call 0207 930 1408

47 Villiers Street


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